Teaching periods

Charles Sturt runs several different study periods throughout the year.

We have our main three sessions, but some subjects run longer (e.g. year-long) or shorter (e.g. terms, micro sessions). There are also sessions for specific courses such as the Associate Degree in Police Practice (ADPP).

Students can enrol to study in any period if a subject from your course is available.

Understanding codes for teaching periods

Each teaching period is identifiable by a code using the year and a unique two-digit code representing the study period.


For example:

  • 30 is the 2-digit number for Session 1, so the code for Session 1 in the year 2021 is 202130.
  • 15 is the 2-digit number for Term 2, so the code for Term 2 in the year 2021 is 202115.
  • Sessions

    These are the main study sessions that most students enrol in. There are three sessions each year.

    Session 1 runs through the first half of the year, and Session 2 runs over the second half. Session 3 is a summer session that runs over the Holiday season.

    Both Session 1 and 2 are compulsory. Session 3 is usually optional. However, there are some courses where enrolment in Session 3 is mandatory. See Session 3 course enrolment.

    Session nameCode
    Session 1 30
    Session 2 60
    Session 3 90
  • Micro Sessions

    Micro sessions are shorter teaching periods that usually run for 8 weeks. There are lots of micro sessions scheduled through the year, so it's best to look at the key dates page for start and end dates for these throughout the year.

    These sessions are primarily used by our UCWE students, but likely to extend to more subjects soon.

    Session nameCode
    Micro Session 1 12
    Micro Session 2 32
    Micro Session 3 42
    Micro Session 4 52
    Micro Session 5 72
    Micro Session 6 82

    Hint: The code ends in number 2.

  • Terms

    Any course can offer subjects during a Term. Most StudyLink subjects are assigned to Terms, as is our Masters of Information Technology degree.

    Like sessions, terms usually run across part of the year, but the numbering and naming are aligned to European timetabling which begin at the start of the financial year.

    Term 1, for example, starts in the middle of the year, in line with overseas course start and finish dates. Term 2 begins at the start of the calendar year.

    Term 3 runs over the Holiday period.

    Session nameCode
    Term 2 15
    Term 345
    Term 1 75

    Hint: The code ends in the number 5

  • Year-long Periods

    Your course may offer subjects in year-long periods. A year-long period runs across multiple sessions.

    That means a subject can run across Session 1 and 2, or Sessions 1, 2 and 3 depending on what you study.

    Session nameCodeCorresponding Sessions
    Year-long Period 126Sessions 1 & 2
    Year-long Period 227Session 1, 2 & 3
    Year-long Period 356Session 2 & 3
    Year-long Period 457Session 2, 3 and Session 1 the following year
    Year-long Period 596Session 3 and Session 1,2 the following year
  • ADPP Periods

    ONLY Policing students studying at the NSW Police Academy can enrol to study in ADPP Periods.

    Start and end dates can vary. To see when courses commence and finish, see training sessions on the NSW Police Force website.

    Session nameCode
    ADPP Period 1 08
    ADPP Period 2 28
    ADPP Period 3 38
    ADPP Period 4 48
    ADPP Period 5 68
    ADPP Period 6 78

    Hint: The code ends with the number 8

Teaching periods for partner institutions

If you're studying with one of our partners, you will need to visit their websites for teaching periods and information about start and end dates.

See our partners

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